Brand development for a collegiate initiative to raise awareness of sexual abuse on college and university campuses

A Timely Issue

When Rowan University decided to build awareness of sexual abuse on college campuses, they asked five other universities to produce documentaries on the subject. Then they asked Cooper Graphic Design to build a strategy and visual communication plan to promote the initiative to a wide audience.


Naming and Identity

When Rowan came to us, they needed to name the initiative and had a mission statement but not much else. Based on our online strategy, we developed the concept of “PACT5,” putting an emphasis on the word “ACT.” The idea was to incite viewers to take a pact that would be used to spread awareness via online and social media channels.


A Web Site With a Purpose

Each college and university involved in the initiative was slated to develop a documentary. The PACT5 web site would house these documentaries along with background information about each story.  The web site would also become a resource for information on sexual abuse.