Haverford College, Center for Peace Global Citizenship

Annual review for the college’s student- and faculty-focused special initiative



The Center for Peace and Global Citizenship supports, sponsors, and hosts a variety of events, internships, and programs both on campus and off. The challenge for the annual review is to capture the broad range of voices and stories that emerge from these events, and to accurately reflect the Center’s mission.



When the Center asked us to create a new format for the annual review, we jumped at the chance to apply our creativity to this technical challenge. We wanted the review to draw the reader in while remaining as functional as possible. The new format fits easily in the hand, but is large enough to contain a year’s worth of stories and updates.


Multiple Audiences

We created the annual review with a range of audiences in mind. The review would not just be used by the Center but by the Admissions Department, which would use it to recruit students with an interest in global initiatives and philanthropy. Current and potential donors as well as alumni would also be sent copies of the piece.